The Students and Heroes of Africa Theological Seminary

Sharing Jesus “On the Line” A young lady who is an ATS student recently shared about her life since moving to a dangerous part of Kenya. She and her husband are missionaries “on the line” – the geographic place where Christianity ends and Islam begins. They face many challenges, but press on with sharing the … Read More

Jesus Does Not Speak Your Language!

The pastor halted the prayer meeting just as the congregation seemed to be warming up.  He turned to the old lady and made a shocking announcement,  “There is no use, madam, for you to pray in that language.  It is not written down and God will not hear it!” At the start of the 1980’s … Read More

Three Little Girls and No Hope

Mary, a simple name and a remarkable story. This is Mary of Kenya, not Mary of the Bible. She is 37 years old and a widow. Her husband died and his side of the family took all the belongings. As a Kenyan having children is an essential part of being a wife. Next is making … Read More