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Founded in 1989, ICM Canada develops and provides resources that mentor and equip emerging leaders.  These resources are currently being used not only in Canada but around the world from Africa to Eastern Europe.  The Ministry Coaching Network, under the leadership of Phil Jeske, comes alongside emerging leaders in order to coach them as they begin ministries and plant churches.

International Christian Ministries began in Kenya.  Kenya continues to be instrumental in training and equipping Christian  leaders.  ICM’s  flagship seminary  campus, Africa Theological Seminary (ATS)  is  located  in  Kitale, Kenya.



International  Christian  Ministries  began  working in  Uganda  in 1990  under  the  leadership  of  Dr.  David  Omalla.  Since  then  ICM  Uganda  has  expanded with  its Church  Leadership  Institute  as well as established another Africa Theological Seminary  campus.





ICM  was  established  in  Nigeria  in 2005.  The  then  and  current  national director  is  Rev.  Francis  Olubambi.  ICM  Nigeria  is  known  as  VICM  (Vision  International  Christian  Ministries)  which  encompasses twelve  West  Africa  countries.




Dr.  Leopold  Yambayamba  was  chosen  as  the  authorized  representitive  of ICM  to  the  DRC  in  2012.  Dr.  Yambayamba  organizes  both  formal  and  informal  training programs  in  his  country  as  well  as hosts  leadership  events.



In  the  beginning,  Rev.  James  Kamau  was  head  of  leadership  for  ICM Tanzania.  Though  James  still  works  closely  with  ICM,  the  current  national  director is  Michael  Mgulu.   Tanzania  is  home  to ICM’s  fourth  Africa  Theological  Seminary  campus.




Current  national  director  of  Ghana  is  Philip  Tutu.  Like  his  partners  and  fellow  members  of  the   International  Council  for  ICM,  Philip  organizes  his  ministries  around  formal  and  informal leadership  training.  ICM  Ghana  focuses  much  of  their  ministry  on  preventative  education  and  emerging  leaders.


The country of Burundi  is  the  newest member to the  ICM family. Isaiah  Nshimirimana’s  ministry  responsibilities  include,  like  the  rest,  organizing various  types  of  leadership  training  and  events  across  the  country.




From coast to coast ICM USA’s responsibilities include raising awareness of the needs of our ministry partners in Africa and organizing opportunities for Americans to carry out the Great Commission both stateside and  overseas through ICM. Dave Champness is the current President of ICM USA, Chairman of the International Council, and adjunct professor of Africa Theological Seminary.




Like  all  the  others,  Samuel  Ecklou,  national  director  of  ICM  Togo,  faithfully  carries  out  the  mission  and  vision of  ICM: to  equip  and  build  the  Church  by  training  and  discipling  leaders  for  ministry.