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ICM Canada

International Christian Ministries, Canada, was founded in 1989. ICM Canada develops and provides resources that mentor and equip emerging leaders. These are currently being used around the world from North America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia. The Ministry Coaching Network is a series of materials that comes alongside leaders over several years in order to coach them as they begin ministries and plant churches.

Phil Jeske, PhD
President, ICM Canada
For more information: www.icmcanada.org

ICM Kenya

International Christian Ministries was started in 1986 in Kenya. Kenya has been instrumental in training and equipping leaders and ICM staff from around Africa. Kitale, Kenya, is home to the ICM flagship seminary.


Rev. Stephen Mairori, Director


ICM Uganda

ICM-UgandaInternational Christian Ministries began working in Uganda in 1990. Under the leadership of Dr. David Omalla ICM Uganda has expanded both its Church Leadership Institute and has established ICM Uganda Seminary.

Rev. Dr. David Omalla, Director

Email: omalla@icm-uganda.org


ICM Nigeria (Known in country as VICM)

Francis & Family 2 (2)




Rev. Francis Olubambi, Director


ICM Democratic Republic of Congo

Dr. Yamba Yamba

ICM Tanzania


International Christian Ministries began operating in Tanzania in 2001.

Rev. James Kamau, Director

Email: jkamau@icmtanz.org


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Rev. Philip Tutu, Director




Isaiah Nshimirimanai, Director






Dave Champness, President




Strategic Partners:

South Africa

Strategic-partner-South-AfricaLee Helling, Director -Turn the Tide



North Africa & Middle East

Strategic-Partner-Middle-EastDr. Wahid Wahba, Director – Middle East Leadership Training Institute