Author: Beth Buck

New Opportunities in Latin America

The Jeskes have made contacts with pastors in the Dominican Republic. Under Phil Jeske, Pastor JJ is using “The First Team”, ICM curriculum to host marriage seminars.  These weekend seminars give couples tools to learn healthy boundaries, communication, and roles based on Biblical guidelines. Also under Jeske, is Pastor Manny who is head of the … Read More

ATS Grads Committed to the Cause of Christ

“There are bible schools all over the place; sometimes a church will just start one,” Champness said. “But the quality of that training – the thoroughness and seriousness of it – is not as good. People come to us [ATS] by our reputation because they want to be well trained and understand scripture.” ICM launched … Read More

One man’s legacy helps pastors get ‘er done in Kenya.

“The second prayer was that somehow God would use Jon’s life to impact others for eternity,” she said. “The third was that we would be there to see it for ourselves.” God answered those prayers the following summer when Jon’s friends came to the Justs asking how the couple planned to celebrate their son’s life … Read More

ICM in Africa: Training Teachers to Teach God’s Word

     The last time ICM missionaries Roger and Sheryle Saunders took the 21-hour flight from Bakersfield to Africa in 2020, they made it “to the edge of Uganda” before border officials gave them an ultimatum: self-isolate for two weeks or go home.      The heartbroken couple, who had checked for any border restrictions only … Read More