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Training the Heart – Instructing the Mind – Empowering the Hands

The vision of Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) is empowered Christian leaders transforming Africa and the world. ATS is not principally about graduations, academics, degrees or students. ATS is about raising up Christian leaders who will transform Africa and the world for the glory of God.

To this end, ATS exists to serve the church by providing quality, relevant, in-service theological education for the discipling and equipping of its leaders. This is done via: “Training the heart. Instructing the mind. Empowering the hands.” (The motto of ATS.) The focus at ATS is on discipling and equipping Godly leaders. ATS does involve itself with graduations, academics and degrees, however these things are only means in achieving the vision of empowered Christian leaders transforming Africa and the world.

ATS is the formal training arm and ministry of International Christian Ministries.

Africa Theological Seminary Distinctives

ATS concentrates on preparing those in ministry rather preparing people for ministry. ATS is looking for students who already have a track record in ministry and leadership, but who need more training and equipping. Further, ATS is committed to keeping students in ministry while attending ATS. The program is built around its students coming to the campus three times a year for intense study, and then returning to their ministries and communities to apply what they have learned. The application of what was learned in the “real world” in real ministry is an essential part of the program.

ATS has a goal to see students and staff spiritually transformed to live more like Jesus resulting in them being agents of positive change and development in their churches, ministries and communities. The proper study and application of the Bible and Theology leads to favorable transformation and development of both people and communities.

Get InvolvedPray

The first and foremost way you can get involved is to pray for ATS. Each month praises and prayer request can be found at icmusa/ats/pray. From this page you can also sign up to receive the ATS praises and prayer request via email.


ATS loves visiters and volunteers. ATS almost always has some way a person could help from teaching courses or seminars, maintenance, library services, IS/IT or a host of other opportunities. A willing heart and teachable spirit are the two most important qualities. If you would be interested in visiting or volunteering for ATS please contact

Shepherd Scholarships

Lastly, there are a number of ways you can get financially involved with ATS. Shepherd Scholarships helps offset costs to the students. For more information visit Shepard Scholarships.

Support Key ATS Staff

Supporting key staff at ATS is a great way to get involved with a specific person who is training, instructing and empowering Christian leaders who will change Africa and the world. Below are the key staff. Click their names for more information or to support financially.