God Does Not Abandon And Never Turns Away

“Let’s take renewed ownership and witness the work of the LORD.”

Recently when reading through the book of Nehemiah, encouragement for the work that’s done through ICM seemed to leap right off the page…

For the Jews, it was time to rebuild, as it is for us. Nehemiah reminded them, “The joy of the Lord is your stronghold” (8:9), always true. But for ICM USA and for all Believers, after a year of pandemic, especially true. Nehemiah was giving the people what they desperately needed. ICM promotes the same: “impartial ordinances, reliable instructions, good statutes and commands” (Nehemiah 9:13). Discipleship as crucial today, as it was then. God does not abandon and never turns away. His good Spirit instructed them, as He does us today.

Their response — rejoicing — loud rejoicing!  So loud, it could be heard from far away (12:31-43).  At ICM USA, we want rejoicing to be heard all the way to Africa and back. By the Lord’s command, Nehemiah gave everyone a job, a responsibility, ownership.  God has privileged us at ICM to be “in charge of the rooms that house supplies, contributions, first fruits, tenths, the legally required portions.” (12:44)

In 2021, our invitation to you: Take renewed ownership and witness the amazing work of the Lord. Together, let us delight in God’s great goodness and abundant compassion and to make a binding agreement, as they did, to obey the Law of God, to carefully obey all the commands, ordinances, and statutes of YAHWEH our Lord.