The Students and Heroes of Africa Theological Seminary

Sharing Jesus “On the Line”

A young lady who is an ATS student recently shared about her life since moving to a dangerous part of Kenya. She and her husband are missionaries “on the line” – the geographic place where Christianity ends and Islam begins. They face many challenges, but press on with sharing the love of Jesus.

She is just one student doing hard work in hard places, “on the line” line between darkness and light – yet knowing the Father watches over them each day.

Light in Dark Places

Another ATS student shared his story recently.

Two years ago someone who pretended to be a friend and fellow Christian invited this student to go and share Jesus with Muslims who had many questions. Instead of answering questions about Jesus, the student was brought to a group of angry men that dragged him away to the fourth floor of a building.

They asked him to denounce Christ and say an Islamic creed out loud, and when he refused they pushed him through the window. On impact many bones were broken, including his neck. His abdomen burst, causing his stomach and intestines to spill out.

Yet he survived.

Now this student is studying at ATS. He wants to know and share more so he can keep pressing into dark places with the light of Christ.

These students are heroes. They are warriors who no longer carry spears. They are warriors who grip the sword of the Spirit – the Word of God – and share Jesus “on the line” and in dark places.

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