Africa Theological Seminary (ATS)


Graduation in Uganda

Africa Theological Seminary (ATS) is not just about graduations, students, or degrees – it’s about Jesus.

ATS is the formal training arm and ministry of International Christian Ministries. The seminary is dedicated to equipping leaders to grow in the “grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ” while preparing them to fulfill their uniquely God-directed mission.

Put simply, ATS is about Maturity and Mission.

Judith and husband

Judith Mutange is a great example of this call to Maturity and Mission. Attending ATS caused Judith to a level of Maturity that resulted in heartfelt reflection upon what God was calling her to do to make a difference.

His answer: help orphans.

Starting with very little, Judith and her team are now making an increasing difference in their community. They have lead the development of an orphanage, the planting of a church and the starting of a primary school.

Judith did not simply get a degree from ATS. Instead she grew in Christian Maturity that lead directly to hearing a call to Mission – a call to make a difference.

Judith is one of hundreds who have been challenged by their time at ATS to disciple the nations, beginning in her own community.

Africa Theological Seminary’s Unique Structure

ATS is structured around the philosophy that a Biblical education must lead to a greater love for Jesus, and a greater passion to make Him known.

Those who attend ATS must be Christian leaders who not only desire a seminary level education, but are committed to staying in the ministry while they study.  The program is built around its students coming to the campus three times a year for intense study, and then returning to their ministries and communities to apply what they have learned.

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